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How quickly does Apollo work?

Studies show Apollo works within 2-3 minutes. On average, Apollo’s effects last for 30-120 minutes after use.

How long should I leave Apollo on?

Apollo works best to help you transition from tired to awake, distracted to focused, anxious to calm and to aid in mindfulness and sleep. While you can use Apollo for as long as you like, effects occur within minutes and last up to 2 hours after use.

Will Apollo stop working when I get used to it?

No, it’s actually the opposite. Apollo helps the body access natural states of balance just like deep breathing and meditation. Similar to these natural techniques for improving nervous system balance, the more you use Apollo the better your results. Preliminary results demonstrate that Apollo use helps improve heart rate variability, a key metric of overall health and resilience over time.

Routine use of Apollo also increases the body’s sensitivity to Apollo, with the result being it takes less time to feel the effect.

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