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The best way to get long life out of a single, full battery charge is to be very intentional with using your Apollo. It's certainly nice to have on all the time, but it's not needed. Your Apollo's effects will start working within 2 - 10 minutes and will last anywhere from 30 minutes - 2 hours after use.

Using long mode play times and setting the intensity really high will drain the battery very quickly.

Choosing the best intensity

We suggest starting the intensity at 0 - 30%, then increasing it if needed. Apollo works best when you clearly feel it as you're paying attention to it, but you're easily able to tune it out when you're focused on something else. This feeling, called the sensory threshold, is different for every person, so we encourage you to experiment with each mode you use to find the intensity that works best for you.

Choosing the best mode play time

If you've been choosing longer mode play times (30 minutes or more), try some shorter times and see how that feels. If shorter play times aren't working for you, you can increase little by little until you feel the effects.

Learn how to adjust the intensity and set a mode play time

Apollo turns off automatically

To conserve its battery, we designed the Apollo wearable to "turn off" when it's not playing a mode.

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