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Apollo offers seven goal-based modes designed to help you reach different goals. Whether that’s to get more energy, focus your attention, socialize, recover after exercise, meditate, relax, or prepare yourself for restorative sleep. If you'd like to learn more about the science behind each mode, check out "The science behind the modes" section at the bottom of the Science page on our website.

When your Apollo starts, you’ll feel gentle waves of vibration that prime your body to meet your goals. Apollo’s effects start to work within a few minutes. 

Playing a mode

Based on your goal, choose a mode from the home screen to bring up the mode player.

Adjusting wave intensity

You can adjust the intensity of each Apollo wave using the "Wave Intensity" slider in the app or the buttons on the wearable. 

  • Pressing the textured button will increase intensity by 5% per press, as indicated by a green light. Hold down the textured button to rapidly increase intensity.
  • Pressing the smooth button will decrease intensity by 5% per press, as indicated by a yellow light. Hold down the smooth button to rapidly decrease intensity.

Apollo is most effective when it feels comfortable, so you can feel it, but not so intense that it’s distracting. We suggest setting the wave intensity to 20% to start, then increasing the intensity as needed.

Setting mode play times

Each mode comes with different play time options depending on the goal. For example, shorter modes are designed to help you quickly transition from tired to wakeful or from anxious to calm. Longer modes are designed to help you maintain a goal for longer.

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